Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, not much happening in the garden today except rain falling nonstop, watering in all the plants planted yesterday! We're staying inside, propagating succulents.

Sadly, a cowardly someone also stole Jess' sign that was attached to a light pole and let people know where to place trash. They must have gone out in the pouring rain last night, with tools, to do that. Pathetic.

So, no real gardening today...


John, my most prolific craigslist plant enabler, dropped off about a hundred aloe plants he had acquired in Pleasant Hill. He was soaked to the bone - what a hero. He also gave us three agave americana variegata and another evil-looking agave (patonii? See below) with viciously long and sharp black spikes and teeth. I pity the fool that tries to steal this one - they will end up in the emergency room! (It was covered in dead tree leaves, which I removed carefully with kitchen tongs.)

Can't wait to plant these beauties - I think making a retaining hedge of the aloes alongside the storm drain will prevent mulch from falling into the drain. Seems like they grow vigorously, which is a good trait at P. Garden.

The patonii will go on the opposite side of the storm drain, against the wall. Regular garden visitors will be safe from it there, but hapless taggers will receive painful spikes to the shin region if they try to get near the wall to graffiti it at night. *cackle*

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