Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quick, before it rains!

(Above: Before and after) Today we scheduled a two hour window for gardening, and lots of people came by. Just after Matt and I finished tamping the dirt around the mega-yucca, Barbara, Sage and Elijah rolled up with their shovels, and coffee. We know they are determined diggers, so this was great news: Matt set them up planting Agapanthus on the horrible rocky edge the off ramp curves around. They put in probably a dozen or more, and then we moved a Ceanothus, and planted eight or so Amaryllis belladonna bulbs and three Vincas. Oh and after that the huge tub of bamboo that Julia gave us went in by the chainlink fence to hopefully screen the freeway from view. These people are unstoppable!

Not only that but they gave us a lovely donation towards what we jokingly called the "Sage and Barbara Memorial Bench" - we are going to have to find just the right seating device that gives at least three people a place to enjoy the garden from, so they can sit and enjoy their hard work together. While they are alive, you know? Thanks guys :)

John, donator of the mega-yucca at left, came over and pruned the Cordyline for us. Well, it didn't need pruning but it certainly wasn't doing us any good hidden away back there, so he cut off some tips for us to root, and took a long branch for himself. I was so pleased that he was happy with that - he's given us tons of plants so finally we can give him something back. And then later, while I was busy doing something else, he dropped off a dozen plus more plants! Where does he get it? He's like the pied piper of potted foliage!

Jess and the Princess Sophia came by and inspected our work too - I think we passed: Sophia keeps a close eye on the job! ;) I can't wait til the pathways are a bit nicer/cleaner for kids to use, and I can remove all the rusty wire flags, which I worry might cause a scratch. Speaking of paths, we moved some agapanthus by the Wrong Way sign, and Matt made a little brick path so dog owners can walk straight up to the trash can without having to pick across a flower bed.

Another person who came by was a guy who lives up the hill, with his two excellent dogs. I can't remember his name* now due to shock: he offered to build us a metal trellis arch and help make proper brick paths. Yep, I'm utterly ashamed that I forgot his name but what can I say? A trip to Home Despot can make me froth at the mouth, so you can imagine the scene I make when people offer me custom ironmongery and professional brick expertise... Anyway, I hope he emails me. He made a gateway up the hill that I have been admiring - it's gorgeous.

So we got loads done together. And now it is raining. Thank goodness for that.
Below left: Amaryllis belladonna planted around the base of an ornamental plum. Below right: bamboo

*Update: His name is Ron (I knew it!) and he's the Iron Maverick. Go to his site and check out the amazing things he can do with metal - wow.

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