Monday, February 2, 2009

Paths of least resistance

Left: a shot of the garden from the apartments opposite, courtesy of Max!

Over the weekend I noticed that although I may delineate bed edges with stones or lumber, people and animals have a natural propensity to go directly where they want to go, and don't see those flimsy "boundaries."

Being someone who tries to choose her battles wisely, a rethink of the layout is in order.

I plan to move some Agpanthus by the "Wrong Way" sign to allow people to exit the garden there too, on their way to the trash can. And a ceanothus by the ornamental plums is going to relocate too, so people can walk directly through that area to get to the top of the garden.

We still need some material to build up the bed edges, and Leah suggested pruned branches. I could use wooden stakes or rebar staples to curve them around beds, and the effect could be a very nice woven look. Long-term, they'd decompose, but short term, they are free! As soon as I get enough I'll look for rebar staples to hold them in place.

This morning we watered with our buckets. Should get some rain on Thursday and Friday - I hope!

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