Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Naked ladies

Today I went up to the Haight and picked up over 20 Amaryllis belladonna bulbs from a craigslister whose name I totally failed to catch (so sorry!) - he also generously gave me lots of spider plants which might make good, tough border edging.

I can't wait to see the belladonnas (aka Naked Ladies) flower, though this might take a year or more - they hate to be disturbed.


  1. Annie, I'm also cultivating an army of spider plants. I have about 3 dozen of them in various stages of development, from soaking in water to pushing down roots in a pot, to producing more babies. the life cycle indeed. if you need more, I can provide...


  2. If only they were rare - we'd be rich!

    If you can spare some we could make a great border with them. I have variegated and plain green ones. :)


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