Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Before work

We had a few plants languishing in the car (just ran out of energy to plant them last weekend) and they need to get in the ground before they sweat to death. This morning we put in a yucca rigida, euphorbia mellifera (honey spurge) and an unidentified reddish phormium-ish looking thing.

I also took a photo of another plant that needs to be identified, above. Any guesses?

UPDATE: it's cussonia natalensis “Rock Cabbage Tree” - a drought tolerant tree (yay!) "from the wooded grasslands of Natal and Gauteng in South Africa and also Zimbabwe and Swaziland in Southern Africa." OK, well then - should be able to manage the "hot, dry" site we have. Cool plant!


  1. Where did you get the Cussonia? Corbie 2 is v. impressed. A new one to him.

  2. It was donated by Jared, a nursery worker with great taste in plants!


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