Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beached whale

Yesterday craigslist Plant Enabler Extraordinaire John went to the far north reaches of Sacramento, a land rarely seen, and procured for P. Garden a magnificent specimen of Agave americana variegata the size of which is a source of wonder and awe! Behold the behemoth:

We are thinking of naming it Moby Dick, and when it (somehow, eventually) is planted upright (requiring no doubt the force of an army of men) people will gasp and point at it, and small children will probably scream. I'd like it to go in the front-and-center bed, which means the lowly plants currently living there will need to move over to make room. Bwaaahahah!

Aside from admiring Moby D, today I planted another of John's planty donations: a hedge of aloes along the storm drain. Yes, 16 holes were dug and the hope is that they'll form a retaining hedge to prevent the mulch sliding into the drain, as it likes to do. Here you can see the before (left) and after (right):

I found a little snake (update: see comments - it's a California Slender Salamander) in the mulch too (left) And (below) two crocuses bloomed! Also, violets, lavender and a heuchera:


  1. The snake looks like it might actually be a newt. It's a bit hard to tell from the picture. Does it have itty-bitty legs? A good sign!

  2. No legs - and it had scales. I think it was a real snake! :D

  3. Update: I found out that it's a California Slender Salamander. I found another today and it DID have tiny legs, so I was able to look it up.


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