Friday, February 27, 2009

Cutting remarks

Last night we planted some cuttings. After the "Great Thunbergia Disaster Of 2009" where I tried fruitlessly and repeatedly to root some Orange Clock Vine cuttings (only to discover they are considered very difficult to root, even by the pros!) I am wary of small snippets of twig and leaf, knowing they are now out to break my heart and make me look negligent by dying, immediately.

However, I've decided I want lots of lavender so I planted up 27 little cuttings in a tray, along with a dozen assorted succulent leaves and another dozen baby spider plants. With any luck I should have some nice little plants in a couple of months - the spider plants we know will thrive. You can't kill them by dousing them in fuel and setting them alight...

In other news, it has been pointed out by my Pa that I have not been properly capitalizing my latin plant names. And now that I look at the situation, I have also been labelling posts using common and latin names.

Sometimes the common name is the latin name, sometimes there is no common name. Oof. Well I will have to go back and fix this up.

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