Sunday, February 1, 2009


Up with the lark (or should that be mockingbird?) today to head down to the Mission. Wendy is a nice craigslister who used to have a large jade plant (Crassula ovata) in her front garden she wanted rid of. Now it's mine-all-mine! We split it up and beautified two places with it. Could it be that we have enough Jade now? Possibly.

I planted Leah's vinca minor and Russian sages (Perovskia) in various places, tidied plum offcuts into bouquets and made five people quite happy I think ;) Then, later in the day, I planted a big clump of Julia's Watsonia that did not want to be divided by a weakling such as myself. I did manage to split apart lots of mini Agapanthus to put by the sidewalk but my god, digging holes there is a misery.

Carrie dropped by and gave me a yummy gift, Jim must have been through while I was out because his dog poop sign-and-biodegradable-bag-station is open for business (hurrah!) and Jess and Sophie came by for a chat. Sophie learned the word "shovel" today - how long until I can get her digging?

I still have a big clump of Agapanthus and John's Yuccas to plant. I am stressed about the big Yucca especially - it needs to be planted but I don't have the Matt-power yet! I will talk to him tonight and we'll make a plan.

I am completely exhausted. It must be wine o'clock by now!

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