Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gone daffy

Daffs at home in Wales
I have often talked about my love for daffodils. How I should probably not buy too many more of these cheerful winter-flowering bulbs that need zero summer water and come back better every year. And how I somehow can't resist them, for full price or more commonly on sale, forlornly trying to sprout in their stifling plastic bags stuffed in the back of a shelf when Home Despot clears out their garden area and fills it with Christmas trees.

Well you know what? The definition of addiction is knowing you shouldn't, saying you won't, and doing it anyway. So I am here to tell you I'm addicted to daffs. I was in HD today, where I get my kicks sniffing down my nose at their beat-up succulent collection, when I spied the rack of left over alliums and tulips and daft Martha Stewart collection bulb sets and voila: loads of daffs at about 75% off.

It's like a red rag to a bull, I tell you. My eyes just glaze over. The spoils:

Trumpet Mix: 76
Tahiti: 24
Thalia: 12
Dutch Master: 36
Golden Ducat: 12
King Alfred type: 114
Barrett Browning: 12
Mystery daff bulbs with the tag ripped off: 76
Total bulbs: 362

Financial damage: $37

Cost per ray of winter light: about 10 cents.  You can't beat it people. Daffodils make the world a better place.

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