Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preparations for the North End

Annie's new plan for the north end
This afternoon I stopped by to put up a few flyers announcing the new street park and to say hello to Kessel and Mauricio who have been busy preparing the north end for a revised DG pathway and installation of the rain garden. When I arrived they were just packing up for the day, so it was a good moment to take a photo of their work for the day.

Ready to go for tomorrow!
Last Saturday the L-extension of the DG pathway was finished, which was no small feat by a group of dedicated volunteers. However, changes to the design plan necessitated that it be removed - see Annie's new drawing. I was sad to see it go, but tomorrow morning another load of DG will be arriving and a better configuration of the pathway that allows for people to continue walking down the street will be created. We are also installing the hardscape for the rain garden tomorrow, which basically means creating a specialized depression that allows water to be slowed, filtered, and drained away from the site. After the hardscape is in we will be able to plant it out with species that are happy existing in a sandy, rocky, environment where their feet occasionally get wet.

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