Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rocking out

Today Matt and I got up early to head down to Redwood City to shop for rocks. We needed to pick out boulders to line the street and prevent cars from getting up on the nice new pathway. We went out and surveyed the myriad types of rock at rock purveyor Lyngso, and chose Sonoma Field Stone, a nice cheap option that come sin lovely colors and shapes, with a dusting of moss and lichen to boot.

We picked out 72 boulders in the 2'- 3' across range, and each one had to have two strips of plastic ribbon and a pink tag attached to mark it as ours. Lots of scrambling around a huge pile of rocks - total health & safety nightmare!

We will have them delivered next Friday for the last of our three-series let's-get-most-of-this-work-done-quickly volunteer day events.  I also ordered 8 more tons of decomposed granite, and 4 more bender boards. That should do it!

Later on we went out and pulled three large Yuccas from the Regent's Cab lot and planted them on the site. We need to get that area in front of the fence planted up quickly, as it's a prime target for taggers. Lots to do!

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