Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fencing and gravelling

Alan and Paul 'aving a laff.
Today I went for a peep at the work site and saw two of Richie and Eamonn's men working away at the fence they framed up yesterday. Alan and Paul said the job would be done by end of day - super speedy work!

Similarly, Mike has gone right ahead and placed a few tons of recycled asphalt and concrete grindings on the corner, to level the area where asphalt was removed. This should make a good solid base and be permeable for rainwater to run off and infiltrate well.

Recycled materials in action.
And today Heidi from FuF will be out to plant the two remaining trees on the site. It's all coming along so well - every day brings fantastic improvements to the site.

Emily and I are working away to get ready for the volunteer day on Saturday. We have 25 tons of decomposed granite and something like 60 yards of mulch being delivered on Friday. Hope you can make it out to help us shift all this stuff - going to be a lovely day and yep, we will have PIZZA!

UPDATE: This just in from our Richie! The boys are almost done with the new fence and doesn't it look splendid?

As Richie says, the challenge will now be to prevent graffiti on it, but I hope within a day or two we can start planting yuccas, agaves and all sorts of spiky and youth-repellant plants in front of that fence. 

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