Friday, December 7, 2012

Preparation for Saturday

As preparation for our big Saturday workday at the new street park  (now known as the Pennsylvania Railroad Garden) I had a full day scheduled of garden activities for Friday. This was my plan*

9-10am meet mulch delivery truck (~60 yards)
10-12pm Do some weeding, pruning and trash pickup
12-2pm Lunch, work on a grant opportunity for the new street park (!)
2-5pm  Brittany, her boyfriend Ryan, and Carlin at garden for the following:
          - Pot up Agave pups for new street park
          - Clean dead leaves off Yuccas 
          - Move barricade to indicate piles of mulch and DG
          - 3pm meet DG delivery truck (~25 tons)
          - Sweep pathways, turn compost
* this is not actually what happened
Proud pile of decomposed granite (DG)
Brittany and her Ryan potting Agaves
What actually happened was very different. Mulch delivery was way early, so my dog Bentley missed his morning walk. This meant that after the mulch was delivered, I ran home to walk him.

Little did I know that while on my walk, my longtime boyfriend, Ryan, had snuck back home from work to arrange things in our house... so that he could propose to marry me! Luckily we didn't cross paths and I was still walking our dog. I of course accepted his marriage proposal, and he informed me that I was being whisked away on a 4-day vacation with our best friends as of 4pm that day. Also luckily, he is a smart man, and had told Annie that I'd be gone the entire weekend.

However, this meant that all of the work I had planned for the rest of the day was shot and I was leaving Annie with literally 3 truckloads worth of work and volunteers on Saturday. In tears of happiness and confusion I called Annie and double checked it was OK for me to be gone, and as she is a great friend and one of the smartest and most capable people ever, she was fine with it. I owe you Annie!
Star volunteer Carlin

In the end everything was delivered, I left the garden at 3:30pm with Carlin in charge, and the big workday on Saturday was a success by many measures.

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