Thursday, December 20, 2012

North End Phase 1 Done

Let's take a little inventory of what was delivered today before I go into all the work that went on:

25 tons of Sunset Gold Path Fines
8 boulders; size 18"x18"x18"
2 tons of 1.5" Lin Creek Pebbles
1.23 tons of 3"x 8" Lin Creek Cobble
14 CY of soil special for the rain garden
4 persimmon-pecan-ginger muffins*

*Ok these were for Kessel and Mauricio. Everything else was for the park. I guess everything was for them (to move!), but at least the muffins are edible.

Special 3 Compartment Truck - Nice!
I was at the park at 8am to receive the first delivery and the guys were already there ready to go. Love it. Truck was even on-time. Even better! I went over the diagram and notes from Andrea, our landscape architect, and they were ready to go, so I was free to leave. Which really meant I went across the street and bought some paint and supplies from Fregosi & Co. to fix the recent graffiti on our fence. I talked with the guys there and was quickly setup with all I needed. Thanks guys! Always helpful and nice.

Almost done
Everything was humming along until the DG didn't show up, so after a few phone calls things were sorted and it arrived by 1pm. I showed up around 3:30pm to check on progress, and purchase a tarp to cover the extra soil, a special item blended just for the rain garden. Buying the tarp meant taking a walk to see everyone at Center Hardware - which is also a group of the nicest, helpful people. How fortunate are we to have them in the neighborhood, and located adjacent to the park for easy purchasing? Only if a native plant nursery was next door.. but that could be dangerous!

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