Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Springtime! Somewhere...

I am looking forward to Spring. In fact, I have been looking forward to it since May!

Back in January pretty much the only thing happening in the garden was daffodils. I'd ordered 600 mixed bulbs and they flowered in waves for months, really brightening up the depths of winter. Since they were mixed I never knew what shade of yellow, orange, pink or white would pop up where. Paraphrasing Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, I thought "you cannot be too rich, or too thin, or have too many daffodils!" so back in May I ordered more bulbs from BloomingBulb.com. *greedy cackle!*

They are usually pretty inexpensive when ordered early in the year - you just have to be patient and wait for them to arrive, which happens pretty much right when you forget you ever ordered them. Today I got a package in the mail - 125 daff bulbs!

This time I got named varieties though, so I would be able to group them nicely by color - 25 each of the following:

"Replete" - a double pink and white (gaudy!)
"Mount Hood" - pure white (elegant!)
"White Lion" - double white and yellow.
"Large Cup Flower Record" - orange and white.
Tazetta "Golden Dawn" - a very early yellow with multiple flowers on each stem.

However, it looks like BloomingBulb.com messed up the order and sent me 25 "Fragrant Rose" instead of my "Replete"... Hmmm... I called them up today and they are sending out the "Replete" bulbs right quick, and I can keep the "Fragrant Rose" bulbs. Great customer service! And it works for me - more pink daffodils. Wallis Simpson nods in approval, and I rub my grimy mitts together and have another gleeful cackle.

I plan to put them in groups running up and down the steps. Then I'll plant white and yellow yarrows  between them so we'll have white and yellow in that area from early spring through to the end of autumn.  Along with the jasmine on the trellis, thyme creeping up the steps, white ginger, paperwhites and the mock orange, the entire area is going to be themed and scented quite nicely.

Not sure where I'll put those pink "Replete" and "Fragrant Rose" bulbs though - they're so decadent!

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