Sunday, September 13, 2009

Garden Tour a success

Today was the Potrero Hill Garden Club Tour in support of the Potrero Hill Library. 15 gardens were on the tour and we were "open" from 10am-3pm. John joined me in the garden all day to answer questions and do some final primping - thanks so much for giving me some company!

What a day. Lots of people stopped by, including two old friends I haven't seen in ages,  and we sat on the bench and caught up - it was lovely. And with all those people came lots of questions that I hope I answered successfully. The final tally is:

Most commented upon garden feature: The twig borders
Number of sandwiches consumed by me for lunch: 0.5
Favorite plant: The Princess Plant! Closely followed by the Scarlet Flax and Agastache.
Number of times story of Caltrans explained: hundreds
Number of people who sat on the new bench: 12
Number of tickets sold: 170
Amount of money raised for the library: $3500!!!
I was too tired in the end to attend Kepa's potluck afterwards, but it was a really fun day. Thanks to everyone who got the garden ready for it's big show!

Photos top to bottom: Front to back: Osteospermum, California poppy, Aster "Bill's Big Blue" plus Plectranthus on the right.

Agastache "Apricot Sprite," Red California poppy, Linum grandiflorum "Rubrum" (Scarlet Flax), Leucadendron.

Agave americana variegata  and Achillea "Walter Funke" 
Euphorbia myrsinites and Crassula capitella subsp. thyrsiflora.


  1. How did I not know about this? We used the library quite a bit for story time with Sophia. I would have loved to supported them via this venue. Alas my best friends call me cash, oh and finally found the blog boom! rss subscription on.

  2. Your wife and child are in on the plot to prevent you being apprised of P. Garden goings-on, but now I suppose we'll never get rid of you ;) Hope we see you on the 26th!*
    (*see wife for details)


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