Sunday, September 20, 2009

(Insert agave-related pun here)

This morning Matt and I went to Flora Grubb Gardens with Emily to enjoy their free agave talk (left.) Lots of cool agaves to be seen! Turns out I am watering ours a smidge too much - I'll cut back to every other week and see how they do. Maybe even less. Means I'll have to move some Aeoniums from the cactus wall to a cooler spot but well worth the savings in time, water and effort.

Later on we went to the garden and took care of some items on the To Do list:

- Planted out 6 seedlings from seeds Leah gave us - don't know what they are so they went in a variety of sun, shade, wet and dry places.
- Started on framing the bricks by the bench, then Matt's drill died. One left to do.
- Watered the cactus wall.
- Planted three groups of Bulbines donated by John. Actually John planted them - thanks! Not sure what species but they are very cool.
- Kepa came by and ID-ed a plant we have in the red bed: it's a palo verde (Parkinsonia) which should make a nice large shrub with yellow flowers. Cool.

Photo left shows an interesting red cage fungus growing at the top of the garden. Quiet surreal!

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