Friday, March 19, 2010

Yet more daffs... and a few other things

Today we have some more lovely daffodils for you! In case you didn't know, daffodils come in many different styles. Plain yellow single flowered types are so old school! There are lots of combinations of long and short trumpets, yellow, pink, orange, white and greens, and even double-flowering types. The style of daffodil we're showcasing today are the types with multiple flowers on each stalk called Tazetta or Triandrus. This site gives a good rundown on the different styles.

At the top is the Tazetta type (multi-flowered, scented)  "Geranium" - lovely and fragrant and just as described on the packet.

Next we have the Triandrus type (multi-flowered, scented, reflexed petals) "White Thalia."

I wonder what happened to my Tazetta "Golden Dawn"? It was supposed to be an all-yellow Tazetta that bloomed very early, but I didn't see it :(

Also by the steps we have the first flowers of some small mystery bulbs planted back in August. I thought they were Muscari, but no! They have revealed themselves to be the Siberian Squill (Scilla siberica) which I seem to have planted all on one side of the steps and barely any on the other. Another rearranging task to be undertaken when they are done flowering and the leaves have died back for the year.

Lastly we have a picture of the flowers Emily snipped off several pots of Freesias that Anna donated to the garden recently. We're repotting them, and the flowers would be removed so they conserve their energy anyway, so I added some Osteospermums and Pineapple sage from my patio to make a very fragrant posy.


  1. How beautiful!! The White Thalia is gorgeous, I was trying to find pure white last fall, but was only able to find white with coloured trumpets. Great pics! :)

  2. Do you remember the Thalia we grew at home when you were growing up? It is still one of the best for a shady corner with dark background where it lights up and lifts the surroundings. And do you remember the Polar Ice under the plum tree that your Granny gave us after breaking the bank to buy some. It glistens in the sun and emits a powerful scent.


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