Thursday, March 18, 2010

Slugs 5 : Gardeners 1

On the bright side, Annie and I have been making little fairy rings with Cory's slug death around slug-susceptible plants, and it works. Check out the newly emerged dahlia (photo1). However, plants we did not realize required our protection are getting destroyed, such as the Coreopsis tinctoria "Mahogany" with no leaves (photo2)! A dangerously close to expiring Lupinus regalis 'Gallery Yellow' was finally put in the ground today in the red bed. To end with some good news, the Aquilegia chysantha 'Yellow Queen' has shot up a regal flower.

Also, many thanks to Anna, who generously donated dozens of plants to the garden yesterday! Annie and I picked up the plants yesterday, and were overwhelmed by all of the wonderful plants she had to donate.

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