Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blog it forward

Recently several of us at P. Garden were interviewed by NENtv for a spot about city street gardens. Adam, the man in charge of such things at NENtv, asked me to write a blog for him in advance of the video that's soon to come.

Actually, to backtrack, he also asked lovely Julia Brashares of the San Francisco Parks Trust to do a blog post first. Here it is:

Getting Dirty in San Francisco

After reading that you will see that you too can become a street gardener! What's stopping you? Go right ahead!

Then today my blog about the beginnings of the garden was published:

Guerrillas in the Garden

I'll be contributing more to their site in coming months. Look out for that!


  1. How fortunate we at the Neighborhood Empowerment Network were to come across your amazing work - "your" being Annie, of course, but also the community that made Pennsylvania Garden what it is today. We're excited to watch as the story unfolds... It has only just begun!

  2. Oh thanks Adam! So fun to meet you :)


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