Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Those were the days...

I was looking through some old pics of the garden today and noticed some striking differences between what the garden looked like way back at the beginning, and now!

Here's the left bed, viewed from the arch, in February 2009, and February 2010. I used to put stones I found around the beds but it wasn't a good enough barrier - the Leucadendron at the front entrance died from being peed on by dogs every day :( I replaced it with a much tougher Agave and a Cortaderia, and used twig edging instead.

And here's the sidewalk border, looking down Pennsylvania Avenue, in December 2008 and March 2010. We started out with a few clumps of Agapanthus, divided up and planted far apart. They've really filled in, and the other plants we added helped a lot. We also used to water with buckets brought over from our house. Argh - backbreaking!

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