Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Plant-A-Thon Part 2

First thing today I drove to West Portal to pick up some succulent cuttings from lovely Craigslister Christine O. Back at the garden I potted up quite a few of them, and planted others directly in the ground - mostly Cotyledon orbiculataAnna was at the garden when I arrived, and we later went to look at some plants being donated for the plant sale in May which she's offered to propagate for the sale. How nice is that?

To backtrack a bit, on Thursday I was traveling through Richmond and, like Emily recently, was sucked right into Annie's Annuals. I picked up three Silver Bush Lupines (Lupinus chamissonis) for the Canter Hardware Strip Garden, and for P. Garden I got:

Delosperma lavisiae (a pink-flowering ground cover succulent)
Cephalophyllum pillansii (similar, but with lemon yellow flowers)
Athanasia pinnata (a 4' wide, 6' tall feathery shrub with yellow flowers in spring)

Today I went out and planted the latter 3. I also met a big group of neighbors from the Rebuild Potrero scheme, who were interested in the garden and wanted to pick my brain on how it all started. Hope they found my babbling useful!

Photo above shows the lovely purple flowers of our Drosanthemum striatum behind the magenta-rimmed rosettes of an Aeonium haworthii. In the background are a Crassula tetragona and Aeonium "Zwartkop."

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