Sunday, March 7, 2010

Slimy nasties: 0 Me: 8

Yesterday I bought the aptly-named slug poison Corry's Slug and Snail Death from the hardware store. Admittedly there was zero choice of products there, but I found the name of the product to be highly appealing after the pain of seeing my little Mangave pup lose 2 of it's 4 leaves in one night. I'd sprinkled it liberally around the pup yesterday and today I was cackling with joy to see 7 slug corpses at the base of the plant, plus one snail.

I went around adding slug killer to various other plants and felt victorious, musing that if they did a TV ad they could show gardeners dancing on the graves of slugs and snails, and how the general populace would find this weird and slightly disgusting, but that gardeners would instantly get it.

Some of you suggested beer traps for the garden, but with the homeless population around here they might end up attracting another kind of nuisance! The biodegradable Sluggo is another product option, but apparently it disappears after rain. Apparently the type of slug killer I bought is not really bad for the environment anyway, so I think it'll work.

I also did a few other tasks:

- Trimmed plants in the sidewalk bed
- Weeded on the succulent slope (looking good back there, gradually!)
- Moved a Graptoveria out from under an Aeonium and over to a better spot (the pinkish plant in this pic)
- Deadheaded daffodils
- Trimmed the dead leaves off various Yuccas
- Tidied up the Yarrows, Scabiosa and the Salvia argentea

I also chatted with Anna, Rick and Gary. Lovely day to be out and about!

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