Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Die, evil slugs! Die!

Today I went to the garden to find a slug eating my little Mangave "Macho Mocha." It had chewed off one leaf entirely and was working on one of the remaining three. Grrrr!

What is your favorite slug killer?


  1. Ugh, I battled them all summer, and finally went to slug bait pellets. I've heard beer in a shallow dish, buried so that they fall in will work. Now I have snails taking over my fish tank. When will the madness end???

  2. You should be able to buy pellets containing Ferric phosphate which degrades to fertilizer. Even those containing metaldehyde are not as evil as slugs.

  3. Decollate snails might do the job.

  4. In the end I went for the metaldehyde slug killer - it's very effective. I have resisted all sorts of chemicals in the garden thus far, but this is one battle I need to win!


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