Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weedathon and Wanted

Poor Matt had a back back today, but I got some serious help from another source. Steve from Boing Boing came by to interview me about guerrilla gardening and do a couple-two-three hours of weeding. He didn't have to - I didn't hold a trowel to his head or anything. He even seemed to enjoy it! Bewildering as that seems on the surface, when you look at the vast area (above: before and after courtesy Steve) we cleared of weeds in the back, you will start to understand the sense of accomplishment you get from weeding. It's zen-like in it's ability to give you simple choices to make, and instant results. Weed? Yank it. Not weed? Pass it by. Aaah.

Our neighbor Dino came by and donated three bulbs. Naturally I have forgotten what they are but they look like small Amaryllis bulbs, and apparently have a red flower. They sound exotic. I like exotic. Thanks Dino!

Just as I had cunningly manipulated Steven (not) into agreeing to move the gigantic, heavy Opuntia (left) into place by the poop bag station, Gary showed up to help (phew!) and had a surprise. He'd finagled a whole bunch of cast iron bench parts from his friend at G. G. Park. They're quite beautiful, and very heavy, and all we need is wooden slats for them, so here's the official plea:

Minimum dimension 1 1/4" x 2 1/4" hardwood or semi-hardwood for new bench slats. 200 linear feet - will cut to size as needed.

Now I know there has to be some wood out there for this project, so keep your eyes peeled and let's see if we can get it for free! Thank you once again Gary for your excellent contribution to the garden!

After all this excitement we went in for lunch and totally missed meeting Joan who dropped by and unloaded a huge number of Agapanthus clumps and other stuff! Joan has really gone to town recently on the plant donations, not only giving them to the garden, but digging them up and delivering them too. My poor old aching back thanks you sincerely, Joan.

I managed to get most of the Agapanthus planted this evening - I'll cut the remainder into two big clumps and plant the tomorrow. If there is one thing I have learned it's not to divide Agapanthus too much - it takes forever for them to fill in. And I want to see some flowers!

Jess dropped by and let me know more kids were seen hopping the fence today. I have a prickly solution for that tomorrow. Hah!

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