Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunshiny day

Let's see, what did we do today (and last night)?

- Planted 2 tall Euphorbias and two Senecios along the wall.
- Put three ratty-looking Euphorbias along the back fence, in pots, so they can make up their minds about life or death somewhere out of the way.
- Set up shade structures in the back for various plants that need it.
- Planted a blue Agave and some Aloes at the front.
- Planted another Agave and Opuntia in the back to discourage persons of ill repute.
- Noticed that an Agapanthus and Kniphofia are about to bloom :)
- Did a little twig weaving.
- Cleaned out half of the storm drain (again.)
- Weeded.
- Deadheaded daffodils.
- Saw a hummingbird!
- Met three enthusiastic people, one of whom had to pull over her car to have a look and tell us how much she loves the garden! :D

OK - lunchtime!

Update: later that day while we were at the barn, Leah came by and weeded, left us some branches, and pruned! We also dropped by Lowes and picked up some plants... oh, we were vewwy, vewwy bad...

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