Monday, April 13, 2009

How To: Garden What's Not Yours

When exceptionally helpful Steve from came by to do some weeding, uh, I mean, interview me, I was expecting him to write a short post about guerrilla gardening in general, but he actually busted out with an essay on P. Garden and also said all sorts of complimentary things about my character. Lordy - I blush!

Being a person who is ridiculously easily swayed by flattery, I am almost able to ignore the video he posted of me hacking at the hateful dirt. I look like a poorly-dressed prisoner on a Texas chain gang, as he points out - thank goodness the delicate ears of my dear viewers were not made to bleed due to the enthusiastic cursing that normally accompanies such digging efforts.

One funny thing was that he mentions I do it all without machinery or gadgets. "No power tools. No soil moisture sensors. No radio... Right on." Steve, I'm here to disappoint you: I have a soil pH sensor but I can't get my act together to find two operational AA batteries for it. Pathetic. Power tools? A backhoe might be useful... and radio? Dammit, I'm such a Luddite - didn't even think of that! I'm too busy listening for people sneaking up on me to either tell me my underwear's hanging out again, or pop a cap in my butt for ruining their homeless encampment/tagging spot.

Anyway, I think Steve's piece is great. I'm going to go back and read it again and have another grin. I'm so happy people are enjoying the garden - thanks for giving me a boost Steve!

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