Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plants galore!

Last night I got home to a nice surprise: wonderful craigslister Joan had dropped off a huge load of gorgeous plants for the garden! Among them, big juicy clumps of Dietes, Crocosmia, Aeonium, Aloe, Agapanthus, Agave and lots of potted succulents. I had a lovely chat with her on the phone and this morning I managed to put the Dietes and Crocosmia in the ground, and tarped the rest. I rushed home at lunchtime and planted the Agapanthus, Aeoniums and an Agave.

Then this evening I planted 2 Euphorbias, 5 Senecios, 2 Agaves, a cactus of some sort and course I still have the Opuntias (2) and Agaves (2) from last weekend to plant, but they are tougher and can wait another day. I did rearrange the Opuntias in the back, and dug a hole for the big one.

When I get loads of plants, I sometimes stand around wondering desperately where to put them, before they dry up. I do try to place them in appropriate spots for their height (current, eventual) sun/shade tolerance, proximity to the hose if they need water, and ability to withstand having dogs pee on them or trample them. But often I make mistakes, and have to move plants later, especially as beds expand and what was once a nice low-growing specimen at the edge is now so far away you need binoculars to see it. Oh well. Live and learn!

Thanks again Joan for your superb donation!

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