Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Annie's Annuals

I have long wanted to make a pilgrimage to Annie's Annuals in the Beast (that's what East Bay is pig latin for) and today I got my wish. Most of the interesting plants I see for sale at local plant shops are from Annie's and naturally the name alone appeals to me, so I quickly did my taxes (!) and off we went...

Well, it's not in the best area, but lemme tell you Annie can grow a plant or two. Everything is in 4" pots, and no greenhouses there - all plants were on the tiny side. In other words cheapish. And yes, I am getting a tax refund, so I decided to blow a small part of it on the garden.

I had made a list but naturally things change when faced with a wall o' colorful plants. Here's what we scooped:

- Aloe ferox - wish I could afford a nice big specimen, but this will teach me patience.
- Sedum spirium "Voodoo"
- 3 Artemisia californica
- Greenovia diplocycla
- 2 Ursinia anthemoides "Solar Fire"
- Melianthus major
- Drosanthemum bicolor (Dew Flower)
- Drosanthemum striatum (Dew Flower)
- Crassula erosula "Campfire"
- Echium russicum
- Mimulus aurantiacus
"Point Molate"
- Mimulus puniceus
- Isomeris arborea
- Cotyledon orbiculata var. orbiculata (Pig's Ear)
- Dianthus barbatus nigrescens "Sooty"
- Aristea major

OK, so that's a binge. Mostly plants with mega impact though - the Drosanthemums are on fire, the Aloe has teeth and a plant called "Sooty"? Sold.

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