Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Early start

I was out before it got too hot, to plant the two Dianthus, one Dudleya and the Kniphofia bought yesterday. Watered a few wilting plants... it's been HOT recently. Note to self: don't ever try to transplant California poppies again. They will die.

Saw Gary and his new employee Sean, and met a guy called Eugene from over the hill who likes the garden too - he thought I was being paid by the city to do the garden, and having all the plants paid for. HAH! Nice idea... ;) Also saw "Looks Great Guy" - he lives across the street and yells "Looks great!" every now and again. Heh! He is like "Waving Guy," who has two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and waves hello every time I see him, but for the life of me, if I have actually met him and been told his name, I can't remember it.

Hey, it's all good neighborliness. *waves*

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