Thursday, April 30, 2009

The early days of P. Garden - more evidence

In a previous post, I talked about the discovery of the P. garden planning docs from 1972. Well recently another artifact has come to light!

I was at the garden the other day and a couple of guys with a truck stopped to pick up two beautiful items of classic oak office furniture, circa early 1980s, which a certain Robbi Peele previously of 720 Gough St, Apt 28, currently living at 997 Carolina St. had left there for us, for free! (darling, dumping is illegal - you really shouldn't have left a pile of cancelled checks stuffed down the back of a drawer... shocking behavior for a Senior Media Relations Manager at Posit Science Corporation... one can only hope the checks were stolen from you... or something)

Ahem - I digress! Anyway, the guys removing said ugly furniture asked if I'd like to know what the garden looked like "way back when" and of course I said yes. They told me to watch the 1973 movie Magnum Force starring Clint Eastwood (the first of the Dirty Harry movies) and that I'd see the garden in the first half hour. Naturally I scrambled to Netflix and the movie arrived last night. Without further ado, I present the south edge of P. Garden, along with the movie's protagonist! He's talking to Inspector Early Smith, left, played by Felton Perry.

Another shot shows the view down the street - Center Hardware would be the building on the right, and our loft building was not built yet. Note the cars parallel parked, whereas now they park at 90 degrees to the kerb:

Naturally when I told Gary this exciting news he said he'd works as a grip on the movie and Annelle enjoyed chatting with Mr. Eastwood. Can nothing suprise the Brickleys?!

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