Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to Pennsylvania Garden!

We hope that everyone had a blast at the plant sale & Potrero Hill Festival. Our fund raising efforts were wildly successful, many thanks to everyone who participated. We have such a great neighborhood!

For new visitors:
Pennsylvania Street Gardens is a non-profit group dedicated to greening Potrero Hill and the surrounding neighborhood. It was founded by Annie Shaw in December 2008 with the creation of Pennsylvania Garden at 18th and Pennsylvania.

We maintain Pennsylvania Garden, and are working hard to keep it looking beautiful, and plan on hosting many fun community events (think movie night, dog show, and photography contest!). We love working with members of the community (artists; engineers; dog walkers!) so green thumb or not, you can be a part of the garden too.

If you'd like to volunteer or get on our email list, please
send an email to: info at

If you'd like to donate please follow this link: click here

If you have materials (plants, equipment, services, other?) to donate please send Annie an email at: annie at

If you want a Pennsylvania Street Garden T-shirt: click here

Hope to see you all at the garden again soon!


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