Monday, October 18, 2010

Deluge of good news!

This just in: stacks of cash
What an utterly bonkers week. To add to the excitement of getting a gong from San Francisco Beautiful and receiving $85,000 last week from two granting bodies, we enjoyed a hugely successful plant sale on Saturday and then on Sunday I was interviewed by the Examiner about our plans for the SPUR project (now known as the Pennsylvania Railroad Garden) just down the street.

Today I got a call from KPIX (Channel 5) that they wanted to do a TV interview right-now-this-minute at the site of the  Pennsylvania Railroad Garden (watch the video and decide for yourself if we should get Emily in front of the camera next time - I vote yes!) This was followed closely by a request from the Potrero View for comment on how on earth we plan to spend our outrageous bounty. And to cap it all off I've just received notification that we received an Innovator Award from SFPT for $1500.

(I really think I have to take Alison's advice and play the lottery this week - it seems Lady Luck has my number on speed dial.)

OK, well I'm going to live in Hawaii now and employ a professional back-patter for full time fawning. I invite all the other fantastic PSG volunteers to follow my example! Do we think SFPT will notice if we invoice them for Mai Tais? Nah!

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