Friday, October 8, 2010

International Tulip (Or Daffodil!) Guerrilla Gardening Day.

Saturday 9 October, is the first International Tulip Guerrilla Gardening Day. Just like International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day in May it's an excuse to go out and plant tulips (or daffs) in your neighbourhood and beyond, knowing that others are doing the same all over the place at the same time. This feels pretty good and will look good come spring 2011. I've heard that guerrillas in France, Italy, Canada, USA, Belgium, Austria, Germany will all be taking part... and for those for whom it's spring time well... why not make 9 October your sunflower day?

Join the Facebook event for more info here.

(If October 9 passes you by the tulips or daffs won't mind, you can still plant them well into early winter).
I'm going out to plant a few dozen daffs and Muscari in Pennsylvania Garden on Saturday. Join me?

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