Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funding at last!

I’m very proud to announce that we have just received $85,000 in funding for the SPUR project (now known as the Pennsylvania Railroad Garden) which aims to change the 100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue into a nice place to live.

This is the combined total from the CCG and PUC grants. We asked for $145k, but their fund is limited – we will apply again next Spring for the rest.

This allows us to divide the project into two (frankly more manageable) chunks:
Phase 1 from 2010-2011: retaining wall and trees (using the funds we were just awarded)
Phase 2 from 2011-2012: plantings, seating, sidewalks, fence etc (future grants)

We will plan community meetings to discuss our plans and look for volunteers to help manage the project shortly. If YOU want to be involved, we need your help!

In the meantime, thanks are due to all of you who contributed to the grant writing, fact-finding, number-crunching effort it took to get these grants written up accurately and submitted in a timely manner, and all those who worked hard to clean the street and liaise with DPW, SFPT and Caltrans to get them on our side.

Congratulations! Let the work begin! :)


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