Sunday, October 3, 2010

Potting session

Matt and I went out today and potted up some Agave lophantha that John gave us recently. Took about an hour to get them all set up for the plant sale, and we have more to do. Then we were hungry... so we left!

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention.... it RAINED today. The non-locals may not appreciate the significance of this, but it's a big deal to SF gardeners: first real rain since the spring! I just Googled to find out how much rain we got and let's just say it might as well never have happened, 'cos that statistic is impossible to find. I estimate 1/2" which is about enough to make the soil look wet, but if you scuff the dirt with your toe it's dusty underneath. It will take a few days of that rain, or a real storm, before we get nice damp dirt. In the meantime I'll be out there dragging hoses around as usual...

Photo shows two Salvias flowering away nicely: in the forground is "Anthony Parker" and in the background Salvia leucantha (Mexican Sage)

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