Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Local metalworker makes PG safer

This just in: if you visit the garden today you'll see new evidence of the craftsmanship of Potrero Hill metalworker Ron Lester (Iron Maverick). He has just installed our brand new handrail, and it runs from the top of the steps all the way down the length of the storm drain, and in classic Ron style has a wavy, organic feel that fits the garden perfectly.

We have always loved his work; he donated the arch at the front of the garden to us, and we liked it so much that we asked him to create the info board holder that we funded with our May 2010 plant sale. After consulting with dog owners, the decision was made to build a fence around the dog area and we've hired Ron to do the job.

We folded the handrail into that brief, and it'll help in our planned improvements to the lower path: stopping folks from being tempted to jump into the ditch, and with baseboards added, stopping wood chips from smothering the Aloe nobilis hedge there. We'll trim back the plants along that path and make a little retaining wall opposite the handrail to keep the Callas in place, widening the path at the base of the steps.

Watch out for the dog area fence soon - the entire garden will soon bear the stamp of Ron's metal artistry! We're very happy to support a local business too, and keep all the money donated by locals on the Hill.

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