Saturday, October 31, 2009

Death to Nasturtiums! Death, I tell you!

Today, despite a little hangover (it's Halloween, come on) Matt and I managed to remove all the Nasturtiums in the front bed. 4 wheelbarrows full!  You can see in the pic at left about half the pile we removed.

I spent the whole time remembering myself skipping about the garden back in Spring, gaily flinging Nasturtium seeds around, and imagining the festive yellow and orange flowers we'd have. Hah! What we got instead was rampant overgrowth of self-seeding, plant-suffocating evilness. Hopefully we sorted that problem out today.

Matt also moved some Alstroemerias to the cherry tree area, I weeded, watered and tidied the bed behind the wrong way sign, and deadheaded Cannas. There's a massive new crop of corn marigolds coming up from the seeds that fell there - great news!

Speaking of Halloween, you can also see a scarecrow in the pic today. Annelle and Gary wanted to put it in the garden for Halloween - I keep seeing it from the corner of my eye and thinking someone's standing there! I'm a bit of a garden purist and am not fond of decorations and statuary but they managed to get me to agree to this as a one time deal. Ooooh, they are just too darn nice. Curses! ;)

Since the rain we had recently a lot of weeds have sprung up. Going to need to have a weeding party next weekend. Anyone want to join us on Saturday the 7th, 11am-1pm?

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