Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today I nipped out at lunchtime to take care of a few things in the garden.

I planted some Achilleas that Leah had donated. I put six "Summer Pastels" under a cherry plum tree (fast becoming the pale-pinks-and-pastels area, with the cherry blossoms in Springtime, and the white Iberis sempervirens groundcover) as well as six "Cerise Queen" in the front border. I have six there in groups of three already, and they are hot, hot pink! I think this works well with the Gaillardias (photo left), Salvias and Gazanias.
I did have to rip out armfuls of naughty Nasturtiums from the front bed - they had reseeded and were in the process of smothering some smaller plants. I put some of the torn-out Nasturtiums into the worm bin, and some in the compost bin. Hope the heat will kill the seeds, and they can turn into something useful (compost) instead...

I also admired the Chrysanthemums I planted in honor of my recently departed kitty, Pulgita (left). They are quite brash - Puggie would have approved!


  1. I like your hot and zizzy colours. As the days get shorter, it is time to turn down the "good-taste" control to LOW.

  2. Yeah taste is all relative, right? Bring on the hot colors! :)


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