Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm not one to toot my own horn...

...but if you call me up and ask me about the garden, I will happily drone on about it for hours. And that's what happened to Katie, the reporter from the San Francisco Examiner who wanted to hear about the situation at P. Garden.

Despite that she called back and said Mike the photographer would be there to take my picture in half an hour. As I skittered over there from work I pondered the tragically unphotogenic nature of my self, the gritty (muddy?) lack of sartorial polish usually displayed by the average Real Gardener, and how much lip gloss, then, would ameliorate the reality of the former without compromising my attempts to be the latter. Answer, in case this is keeping you up at night: one swipe of a neutral shade. Ha!

Enough of my discomfort with cameras. Mike was lovely and talkative and liked to take pictures involving cars whizzing by, me looking "natural" (say what now?) and people in the garden looking at flowers and trying to prevent their infants from eating worms. Just as he was about to leave, a guy walked up who turned out to be David Cody of 18th and Rhode Island garden fame. He was not wearing lip gloss (dammit!) and went on to talk at length about super-oxygenated compost tea and permacultural issues that are beyond my simple understanding. Oh look... a ladybug!

Ahem. Then I had to run back to work. The article is in the Examiner today! Click here to read it.
Photo above is by Gary who came out to find out what all the horn tooting was about...  from left to right: me, David, Mike.


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