Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time for a change

Fall is a good time to plant plants, and move things to better spots - mostly because the cool air and rains help the plants get established so they can go berserk in Spring. If you live in San Francisco you can't fail to have noticed the rain we've had recently, so the ground is good and wet.

So today I moved some things around, with the excellent help of Josh!

The middle back bed (with the Princess Plant) was looking too purple. I had originally intended the area to be purple withyellow/orange as a contrast, but several plants showed up that ended up being too pinkish or blueish. This was really jarring to my eye, so they had to go.

There were also too many shades of purple and not enough yellow to balance it, so two Geranium macrorhizum and all the dusty pink Alstroemerias moved under the cherry plum trees where they can be pink without annoying me ;) A Ceanothus went up to the top of the garden. We also rearranged the Lantanas, Stachys, Cuphea, Acorus and Bulbines in a better way, and brought a Euryops over for added yellow. When I move the Salvia "Anthony Parker" there will be room for another mid-sized yellow flowering shrub. Any ideas?

Josh also brought three Agave tequilana for the garden - Matt will be thrilled! ;) We pulled out a wheelbarrow full of weeds, and decided that the best way to deal with the annoying soggy spot outside this bed, which has resisted two attempts to fix it, will be improved by a French drain running across the path under the wood chips. In other words, I need about two yards of gravel.

I also finished drilling the final piece of wood for the bench area and pounded it in, rearranged the bricks a bit and added sand. All I have to do now is cut a few bricks in half to fill the end gaps, plant some ground cover and it's done!

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