Monday, October 5, 2009

Big dig

One of the water pipes under the center of the garden has been leaking for ages - every time the sprinklers go on a huge boggy spot appears. Caltrans guys came and said they fixed it, but no - still boggy. And they didn't have any money or resources left to fix the pipe. So on Sunday I started digging...

And digging... and digging. With no real way of knowing where the pipe was, I had to dig out a dozen plants and a bunch of daffodil bulbs too. Some holes filled with water, some didn't - I used that as my guide to where the water was seeping from. Various people walkign int he garden gave words of encouragement; Juan and dog, and then Chris and Jean. Then Jim showed up to help me right when I had located a pipe!

We uncovered a lot of the pipe, and it became clear that without switching on the water we couldn't really see where it was flowing from. I called Robert who has access to the water controller, and he said he'd send his guy Saul out to look at it on Monday. I for one was very relieved! We flagged off the hole and mound of dirt, and left for the day.

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