Sunday, November 1, 2009

Clocks fall back

Another great day for getting stuff done. Today we accomplished the following:

Moved a Sedum, a Euphorbia, an Echeveria and two Heucheras

Planted groundcover
Deadheaded Cannas, Buddleja, Helichrysum, Achilleas

Staked a rose using a wonderfully designed stake devised by Robert Poyas, who dropped by for a chat!

Josh, Andrew and Cosmo dropped by for a laugh. Also Leah came by to assess pruning needs, and removed parts of the (about to flower!) Salvia gesneriiflora that were not looking good.

After about 4 hours we went home. Then we dropped by Flowercraft to look at the scratch'n'dent section. Oh dear - lots of goodies there! We managed to get away with the following for just $50:

3 Arctotis "The Ravers: Unmellow Yellow"
3 Ajuga reptans "Golden Glow"
2 Pennisetum glaucum "Purple majesty" (Ornamental Millet)
2 Pennisetum setaceum "Red Riding Hood"
2 Canna x g. :Yellow Futurity Dwarf"
6 Iberis sempervirens (Candytuft)
6 Gazania rigens "Daybreak Pink Series"
1 Argyranthemum frutescens "Sunlight" (Marguerite Daisy)

Photos show view of the left bed from the arch (top) and some cheerful Gazanias in the front bed (bottom)

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