Monday, November 16, 2009

Plant swapping

I removed the Hyadrangea and Wisteria last week, after giving them almost a whole year to make a go of it (sorry Kepa!) but they didn't like life at P. Garden. So I put them on craigslist.

This resulted in Matt and I driving to El Sobrante yesterday and trading the plants for other plants owned by a woman called Shanti. Namely, some Yuccas, Aloes, Opuntias and other succulent cuttings, including some Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi. Neato.

I also spent some time in the garden with Emily and her mum discussion options for plants Emily's going to add to the garden. She knows more about annuals and flowers than me, so I'm enlisting her help to plan a few extra spots.

Also, almost forgot to mention that lovely Josh propagated several Dipogon lignosus (aka Dolichos lignosus) - the Australian Pea Vine or Cape Sweet Pea! I had researched the prefect vine to grow on the arch at the front of the garden, and decided on this one. It had to be evergreen, flowering, hardy and scented, and this one checks all the boxes!

Josh came over and constructed some bamboo trellis to assist it up the smooth arch sides, and planted 3 vines on each side (photo above.) Can't wait to see it in all it's hot pink glory.

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