Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dull day

It looked like it was going to rain all day, but didn't. Shame! Our sprinklers have been off for almost a month so aside from a little hand watering on new plantings the garden is making a go of it alone.

Dull light is good for photos though - this morning Matt and I had our breakfast on the bench and I took the pic left, showing (from left) the lovely orange Leonotis leonurus, also known as Lion's Tail, is just starting to bloom. In front of that the Linum grandiflorum "Rubrum" (Scarlet Flax) is still going strong, with a purple Salvia leucantha (Mexican Sage) behind it. That's a pretty hot color combo - if we can get some yellow and pink in there I think my eyes will start bleeding!

We had some help from Josh this week - he spent an hour and a half weeding the other day.  One good rain and the weeds spring into action! One good Josh and they have to pipe down ;)

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