Sunday, November 8, 2009

Damp ground

After Friday's rains the soil at P Garden was nice and damp. Perfect for planting and for weeding!

Today's volunteer day had a nice turnout. Leah, Josh, Janet and Anna came by to help out, and we got tons done! It was really heartwarming to look around and see everyone busy in the garden, having a good time.

- Planted 6 Gazanias in the front bed
- Weeded lots of Nasturtiums out
- Planted 6 Iberis under the cherry trees
- Raised the canopies of the cherries by removing low branches so the view of the bench is improved
- Planted a flowering cactus in the cactus wall bed
- Planted a yellow dwarf Canna behind the wong way sign
- Planted orange Alstroemerias ("Third Harmonic") and Irises in the red bed
- Watered
- Planted 2 Arctotis "The Ravers: Unmellow Yellow", a Pennisetum glaucum "Purple Majesty" (Ornamental Millet) and a Pennisetum setaceum "Red Riding Hood" in the left bed
- Saw a Black Phoebe (bird)
- Planted a small tree fern and a Pyrrosia hastata (Felt Fern) from Leah.
- Chatted with the usual stream of visitors to the garden

One of the best things today was discovering that the bottom bin of the worm composter was full of usable worm castings. I used them on almost all the plantings today - I expect those plants will grow like rockets!

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