Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Twig weaving

Last night I bordered the end and back of the "red bed" with redwood branches (ha!) and moved the rest of the branches out of the way. Different species of tree give different results - my favorite so far were the ornamental pear branches - long, thin, straight, flexible, and cut before their leaves popped out, so they give a nice smooth look.

Sycamores have big leaves and branches that go all at right angles - a bit annoying. In fact anything with leaves gives a lesser result, as the leaves dry and fall off later so the twine holding the bundles loosens. I went back and added more branches to some areas last night.

In the two hours I was there three people came to look at the garden last night, say hello, enjoy the evening. I like that.

Also Tim had been by with his jade plant donation. Wow - they're huge! This weekend is jade planting weekend - I am going to see if I can get some help with that as it looks like a big job. Anyone?

Below left: Cynara cardunculus (Cardoon) growing huge! Below right: Cotyledon? Senecio? Unidentified plant that I adore.


  1. The right is a variety of cotyledon orbiculata or, or in some texts, cotyledon flanaganii. I grow one and it was originally prsented to me as an aloe.

  2. Thanks kipp! That could be the one. I have seen that called a "finger aloe" online so perhaps that's where the aloe ref comes from?

  3. ugg.. typos - at least it gives me a chance to add that it's sometimes called c. orbiculata var oblonga. San Marcos growers calls it "Finger Aloe"

  4. Cool. So many plants unidentified, but now - one less! ;)


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