Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jade forest

Above left: Our first sunflower!
Above right: Gold-toothed Aloe hedge in bloom

A few weeks ago Alison donated some jade plants to P Garden, and they had been languishing at the bottom of the back slop, waiting to be planted. Then this week, Tim brought over 6-7 HUGE jades. OK, no more lagging... I scheduled a volunteer day (in other words, begged people to come help me dig holes.)

Luckily for me, the people who came were Jes (she has a known tolerance for hard work, and her own mini pickaxe - this tells you something right off the bat), her boyfriend Dave (despite a hangover, he was keen to get to work, and excited to tell us about his previous life as a vegetable farmer!), Melissa (have you ever seen a lawyer wield a Texas toothpick? I have, and now I'm scared) and of course Matt.

We dug and weeded frenetically for 2 hours and it was all done! I'm shocked and amazed - thank you guys SO MUCH for helping: I know it's not easy work but it was 1000% faster and easier with your help :) Below are two views of the results: Jades and agaves in place, paths, yuccas and opuntias to come.

After that we dropped in on Gary, Annelle and Ericka and looked at Gary's project on the bench. Wow - stunning restoration job. Wait til you see it!

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