Saturday, July 4, 2009

Breezy on the hill

We had a short spell of gardening today. Weeded. Planted some Dietes, some Nassella tenuissima (Mexican feather grass), some purple pea-flowered bush and something silvery (left by Leah? What could they be!) Enjoyed the breeze. Sprayed a Sedum for aphids. Deadheaded various flowers. Noticed that the red flax (Linum grandiflorum) is flowering. Enjoyed the smell of the flowers. Ahhh.

Then tried to turn on the sprinklers. Discovered Caltrans has disabled them. *$#@*!&%?!

Above are some pictures of the garden. Top is "before" (courtesy Google maps), then comes Spring '09 and Summer '09 courtesy of Max from across the street. Nice view!

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