Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sign the petition! Save the arch (bench, paths, storage...)

Today I got a call from Caltrans. They generally like the garden proposal I sent them, but said they'd need me to remove the metal entrance arch, wooden trellis, brick paths, storage cabinet etc from the garden. Oh, and don't install that bench!

Apparently these aren't allowed under Adopt-a-Highway rules.

Needless to say, I am not happy with this rigid interpretation of rules designed for freeways and roadsides! And I doubt that the people who donated money, time, skill and materials to each of those garden features will be happy either.

So I've created an online petition: please sign it so I can present the results to Caltrans and request that they relax their rules to allow our garden to have the features that contribute so greatly to making it a pleasant place to be! I cannot stand the idea of ripping out these carefully crafted parts of the garden...

I am meeting with Caltrans around July 28th, so please sign now.

UPDATE: I have talked to The Potrero View newspaper, and emailed the Potrero Boosters and the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association to ask for their support. Any other suggestions? Chain myself to the arch?

I have to say I'm very touched by the support everyone's shown so far. Thank you.

UPDATE 2: I just literally shed a tear due to being so amazed by this effort to help: click here! Gosh, Steve, how nice are you? Very nice indeed.

I have a call in to Supervisor Sophie Maxwell (Dist. 10) too - perhaps she can pull some strings? Yank some chains? I put the petition site link on my Facebook page too. And coerced all my friends to sign it.

P.S. Apparently Safari doesn't work well with the petition site. Try Firefox etc!

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